Amongst the Society's strategic objectives are to:

  • Promote education in hydrography

    Promote the advancement of education and training for those engaged in or intending to engage in hydrography and associated disciplines.

  • Promote the science of surveying

    To promote the science of surveying in both salt and fresh water environments, including the adjacent shore and hinterland.

  • Encourage the broadest possible inclusion of people and organisations interested in hydrography and to create a network for their interaction.

  • Promote the dissemination and free exchange of information between all those engaged in hydrography and related disciplines.

As part of its commitment to meeting these aims, and nurturing future generations of hydrographic professionals, the Society launched its Alan Ingham Award in 2016.  The inaugural awards were presented in 2017.

Rather fittingly, the annual award – named after the Society’s founder, who once said “Perfection is elusive but its pursuit is infinitely fascinating” – recognises and rewards the very best research, innovation and application demonstrated by students and recent graduates on relevant BSc, MSc and PhD programmes at universities in the UK and Ireland.

The winner and runners-up will be formally announced in the spring or summer issue of the Society’s magazine, soundings and, wherever possible, the prize will be presented at the THS:UKI AGM.

The winning candidate will also be the THS:UKI nominee for the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) Student Award and the chance to attend its prestigious international Hydro conference, where they will present a paper based on their dissertation studies to an audience of approximately 300 delegates from 40 countries.

How to enter