Our community

The THS:UKI Board of Directors/Trustees are all volunteers elected by the members to run the Society on behalf of the members.

To assist the Board with running the Society, THS:UKI employ a small number of staff.

THS UK Directors & Trustees

Branch Director - International

Currently Vacant

Branch Elected Director - Ireland

Seán Cullen

Branch Elected Director - North West

Currently Vacant

Branch Elected Director - Scotland

Simon Canning

Branch Elected Director - Scotland

Kevin Gaffney

Branch Elected Director - South West

David Parker

Branch Elected Director - Southern

Mark Poole


Svetlana Kločkova


Iain Slade

Student & New Graduate Director

Layla Rami


Gordon Johnston


Tom Broomfield

THS UK Staff

  • Chief Executive

    Becky Conway

  • Operations & Engagement Manager

    Derek Rae

  • HPAS Coordinator

    Yvonne Liversidge