The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland (THS:UKI) is a learned professional society; our purpose is to raise awareness of the science of surveying at sea, and protect and promote the status of the hydrographic profession. Membership of THS:UKI includes companies, individual professionals and students, who are hydrographers, technologists, policy makers and educators.


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Our Purpose

THS:UKI provides members with a range of relevant support and valued specialist services. We endeavour to raise awareness of the science of surveying at sea, and protect and promote the status of the profession.

THS:UKI provides a local and national focus for the discipline, and seeks to advance the education and training of practitioners and those engaged in the study of hydrography and related subjects.

THS:UKI Strategy

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote the science of surveying in both salt and fresh water environments, including the adjacent shore and hinterland.

  2. To encourage the broadest possible inclusion of people and organisations interested in hydrography and related sciences and create a network for their interaction.

  3. To promote the dissemination and free exchange of information between all those engaged in hydrography and related disciplines.

  4. To promote the highest level of accuracy and diligence in the application of hydrography and related sciences in accordance with internationally-defined standards.

  5. To promote the advancement of education and training for those engaged in or intending to engage in hydrography and associated disciplines.

  6. To offer support and guidance to those seeking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in hydrographic surveying and associated sciences and technologies.

  7. To promote the broadest pursuit of technological innovation for the purpose of hydrography and related sciences and technologies.

  8. To raise awareness of the career opportunities offered by hydrographic surveying and associated professions.

  9. To promote the highest possible standards of health and safety by and for the application of hydrography and related sciences.

We realise these objectives through:

  • Our constantly updated, informative website incorporating news, forthcoming events, details of relevant training & courses and recruitment advertisements.

  • Our Student & New Graduate Branch which supports those at the outset of their careers, helping them to forge links within the wider hydrographic community.

  • Membership of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) and associated links to other national hydrographic societies.

  • Access to all the IFHS publications e.g. The Hydrographic Journal and its Special Publications series.

  • Regular technical meetings and social activities within our Branches.

  • Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recording system supported by the major accredited bodies.

  • Our online archive of downloadable presentations from previous technical meetings, seminars and conferences.

  • National and international influence on the profession via representation at relevant national forums.

  • Publication of our quarterly magazine soundings.

  • Our specialist seminars organised both nationally and within our Branches.

  • Opportunities to participate in the IFHS 'Hydro' conference series.

  • Our online recruitment advertisement services.

  • Our interaction with relevant academic institutions.

  • Publication of relevant careers guides.

  • Our local and national Education Funds.

  • Dissemination of industry news, forthcoming events, job vacancies and similar items in our fortnightly e-Bulletin.