Our History

THS:UKI began in 1972 as The Hydrographic Society. Over time the name and structure may have changed but the Society’s Purpose & Objectives have remained the same.

  • 2021

    • April 2021

      THS UK changes it's name to The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland (THS:UKI)

      At the 2021 AGM the membership approved the change of the THS UK trading name to The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland” (THS:UKI).

      Commenting on the change, David Parker CEO said “Ireland has always been one of our regional chapters and was effectively treated as a region of the UK with this arrangement. For some time I have wanted to make what I see as a simple correction – to change our name to reflect the true situation. I believe this is long overdue as Ireland has been undergoing an expansion within the hydrographic sector, led by a burgeoning marine renewables sector and a world leading government seabed mapping programme undertaking combined hydrographic, geophysical and habitat mapping. Ireland’s marine Exclusive Economic Zone is more than ten times its land mass, so the potential growth in seabed mapping activity is substantial. We feel that the name change will help the Ireland Branch grow the Society in Ireland by seeking out new individual and corporate members.”

  • 2016

    • October 2016

      Alan Ingham Award launched

      The annual award – named after the Society’s founder, Alan Ingham, who once said “Perfection is elusive but its pursuit is infinitely fascinating” – recognises and rewards the very best research, innovation and application demonstrated by students and recent graduates on relevant BSc, MSc and PhD programmes at universities in the UK and Ireland.

  • 2010

    • June 2010

      Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the UK Branch of The Hydrographic Society

      A drinks reception and dinner onboard HQS Wellington, Thames Embankment, London to celebrate 25 years since the formation of the UK Branch of the former Hydrographic Society

  • 2005

    • January 2005

      The Hydrographic Society formally changes its name to International Federation of Hydrographic Societies
  • 2004

    • July 2004

      The Hydrographic Society UK is formed

      The UK Branch of The Hydrographic Society becomes The Hydrographic Society UK (THS UK) and is incorporated as a non-profit limited company.

    • November 2004

      Ceremonial Signing of the Written Resolution to form the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies

      The ceremonial signing took place at Hydro 04, Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway, Ireland. The resolution was signed by representatives of:
      The Australasian Hydrographic Society,
      The Hydrographic Society Benelux,
      The Hydrographic Society Denmark,
      The Hydrographic Society United States,
      The Hydrographic Society UK.

  • 1985

    • June 1985

      Formation of the UK Branch of The Hydrographic Society
  • 1982

    • May 1982

      The Hydrographic Society incorporated as a limited company

      As the Society continued to grow it was realised that it could no longer continue as an informal arrangement so became a non-profit limited company.

  • 1972

    • March 1972

      Inaugural meeting of The Hydrographic Society

      The first meeting took place at Waltham Forest Technical College (later to become North East London Polytechnic in 1970, and now the University of East London). The Hydrographic Society was the brainchild of Alan Ingham, the driving-force behind the fledgling enterprise staffed by a select band of unpaid fellow-enthusiasts (including his wife, Rose). Alan remained its Honorary Secretary until his retirement from academia in 1984. He was subsequently elected its first Emeritus Member in recognition of his selfless devotion to the ‘Cause’.