Who can apply to HPAS?

HPAS is open to any hydrographic surveyor or person who is planning to become a hydrographic surveying professional.  Although the initial region of coverage for HPAS focuses on IFHS member societies, it is planned to allow as wide a membership as possible.

Entry and application for accreditation requires several forms and documents to be completed and provided. Referees known to the applicant should endorse the application. To aid the applicant in compiling the necessary evidence, an application checklist is available on the HPAS website.


What are the benefits of HPAS


  • Providing a clear professional development route
  • Promoting the highest levels of professionalism within the hydrographic sector
  • Providing improved recognition of skills and experience
  • Providing additional routes into and within the profession for those who have not undertaken accredited courses
  • Providing access to roles requiring a set standard or capability
  • To provide a system for mentoring.


How to apply for accreditation

Applications are made via the HPAS website.  Full details of how to apply, document templates and fees can be found on the HPAS website.

Click the button below to go to the HPAS website.