Offshore applications can now rely on higher accuracy and faster convergence through Apex PRO Correction Services from Hexagon | Veripos


Veripos announced today the launch of Apex PRO Correction Services with breakthrough RTK From the Sky technology. Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division’s RTK From the Sky enables global, centimetre-level precise point positioning (PPP) accuracy in as fast as 3 minutes — without compromising on high reliability. Now, this technology comes to the offshore marine market through Apex PRO corrections to support safer operations and increased efficiency, resulting in higher productivity and minimised downtime.


With RTK From the Sky, Apex PRO becomes the world’s first high-accuracy, quad-frequency and quad-constellation correction service for offshore positioning with RTK-level vertical and horizontal accuracy, 99.999% service uptime and near-instant reconvergence. With the ability to layer multiple Veripos solutions combined with their 24/7/365 customer support and global coverage through L-Band and IP delivery, they provide a total solution for the most demanding offshore applications.


“Offshore positioning is a very challenging environment requiring the best positioning possible with built-in redundancy, resiliency and accuracy to maintain continuous and safe operations,” said David Russell, Marine Segment Manager at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “Apex PRO is the latest service to integrate RTK From the Sky technology, and we are excited for the continued safety of operations and reduced environmental impacts the service enables.”


Apex PRO is compatible with existing Veripos hardware and software, including the LD8, LD900 and Quantum visualisation software. The new PPP solution builds upon Veripos’ proven track record of delivering innovation in reliable and robust positioning solutions for the offshore marine market. Learn more at

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