The Hydrographic Society UK & Ireland (THS:UKI) are delighted to announce the appointment of Derek Rae as Operations and Engagement Manager. Derek has over 25 years’ experience within the Hydrographic sector and brings with him a wide range of knowledge and skills to the Society.

THS:UKI Operations and Engagement Manager, Derek Rae

“Alongside myself and the THS:UKI board, Derek will work to provide a platform for raising awareness of surveying and promoting the profession, whilst supporting our members.” said Becky Conway, CEO, THS:UKI.

“The hydrographic profession has happily consumed most of my working life to date with over 25 years’ experience surveying within the Royal Navy, culminating in the privilege of being Hydrographer of the Navy. As the THS:UKI Operations and Engagement Manager, I am excited by the opportunity to work with and support the wider Hydrographic Community in promoting the science of surveying at sea. I look forward to engaging with old and new Hydrographic acquaintances.” said Derek Rae, Operations and Engagement Manager, THS:UKI.


The Board of THS:UKI would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our outgoing Operations Manager, David Buxton.  David took on the role back in early 2020, when the Society was going through a really difficult time following the unexpected and unplanned departure of a key team member.  With no handover possible, David had to act as part manager, part detective, to pick up the key requirements and responsibilities of the role, as well as meet all the Society’s numerous legal obligations.  After an incredible amount of effort, not only was he able to quickly bring THS:UKI back on track, grow the membership and publish multiple editions of soundings, he then went on to deliver a new website, create new branding with the name change to THS:UKI, and perhaps most significantly, play the key role in delivering the highly successful Remote Hydrography Conference and Exhibition in Dublin – having had to move the venue and date multiple times due to COVID.  He was also key in helping develop and deliver HPAS.

He is still demonstrating dedication by taking time to handover to Derek while busy in his new role.  We are all incredibly grateful to David and wish him the very best in the future.

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