On May 16th, the THS:UKI Scotland Branch hosted an exciting event at the University of Aberdeen, bringing together over 300 school children from Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City. These young minds, ranging from P7 to S2, embarked on a journey to explore the fascinating world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

What Went Down?

Role of Offshore Surveyors: The event kicked off with an engaging session where students learned about the crucial role of offshore surveyors. These professionals are the unsung heroes behind accurate mapping of our oceans, ensuring safe navigation, and supporting vital industries.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Imagine diving into the depths of the ocean without getting wet! Students were introduced to the cool technology used by surveyors, including ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). These high-tech underwater robots explore the ocean floor, collect data, and unveil hidden treasures.

ROV Simulator Challenge: The excitement escalated as students took part in a timed challenge using an ROV simulator. They navigated through underwater obstacles, solved puzzles, and experienced the thrill of exploration firsthand.

Poster Competition: Creativity soared during the poster competition. Students showcased their understanding of hydrography, marine environments, and the importance of accurate mapping. From colourful illustrations to thought-provoking messages, their posters reflected a passion for discovery.

Why Does It Matter? 

The THS:UKI Scotland Branch believes that events like these ignite curiosity, inspire career aspirations, and foster a love for STEM subjects. By exposing young minds to the wonders of hydrography and surveying, we’re shaping the surveyors and engineers of tomorrow.

Special thanks to our amazing presenters and organising team for making the event what is it and inspiring the future:

Ellie B. – bp
Lewis Smith – TechnipFMC
Darren Johnstone – Survey Solutions Group
Andy McAra – Forum Energy Technologies
Andy Dare – Andrews Survey
Nicki Nicholls – Andrews Survey

and Seatronics Ltd for the loan of the ROV!

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