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What's Included

  • From the Chair - By Trish Buxton
  • From the Chief Executive - By David Parker
  • Fellowship - Captain John Pinder
  • Meet the Board
  • Branch News
  • Application of Airborne Lidar Bathymetry into UKHO Survey Contracts - By Rob Andrew
  • Oceanographic Influences on Fish School Behaviour Over a Bank Environment Using a Multibeam Echosounder - By Dannielle Eager
  • Leveraging AI in the Processing Workflow...The End of Dot Killing? - By Burns Foster
  • ISS Accession 350 & Inception MK II USV's conduct high resolution bathymetry & mobile laser scan survey in Conwy River, Wales - By James Williams
  • The Life of a Hydrographic Sales Guy

Issue 75 - July 2020