Satellite Derived Bathymetry revolutionizes coastal water surveying, offering an accessible and widely applicable technique. Collaborative projects integrating space-based hydrographic and hydrospatial skills empower professionals to repeatedly survey coastal waters without deploying expensive equipment, transforming the landscape for small nations reliant on international support. Widespread acceptance recommended by the international hydrographic community removes historical barriers, fostering the adoption of this technology. 

This presentation showcases TCarta’s successful implementation of Satellite Derived Bathymetry in engagements with island nations and developing states. Motivated hydrographers, geospatial professionals, and students participate in the global ocean mapping community, contributing to the Seabed 2030 project. Partnerships in 2023 between Seabed 2030, The Marine Institute Memorial University of Newfoundland, and TCarta resulted in Ocean Mapping students acquiring space-based hydrographic surveying skills. The students produced Satellite Derived Bathymetry data supporting Marine Institute research, Arctic reconnaissance for Native villages, and Seabed 2030 contributions. 

In a multi-year collaboration with the Jamaica National Land Agency, TCarta raised awareness of satellite capabilities through open forums and discussions, building trust via honest communications and hands-on workshops. Over 40 hydrographers, students, and hydrospatial professionals in Jamaica, Canada, U.S, Mexico, and the Maldives have been trained. The removal of expensive equipment barriers allows for community-based bathymetry, immediately impacting nautical charts, environmental modeling, and development planning. Collaborative efforts and skillset instruction position Satellite Derived Bathymetry as a required skill for future generations of hydrographers.


Kyle Goodrich

Kyle Goodrich (he/him) is the President of TCarta with over 20 years of experience in the geospatial, hydrographic and hydrospatial industries.  Mr Goodrich holds a degree in Geosciences from Williams College and founded TCarta in 2008. In addition to leading business development at TCarta, Kyle has been the Principal Investigator on TCarta’s National Science Foundation Phase 1&2 SBIR grant and is passionate about ocean mapping, particularly from space-based systems.