BMT is collaborating on a decarbonisation project for the UK’s maritime sector. In partnership with South Devon College and HydroSurv, BMT aims to drive clean and sustainable maritime innovation in the UK’s Southwest and beyond. Dubbed “ROC + DOCK”, the project will see Hydrosurv develop advanced, automated docking stations for the wireless deployment, recovery, and charging of zero-emission Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs).

At the same time, South Devon College and BMT, a specialist in maritime autonomous systems and technology, will work together to expand the college’s new BMT REMBRANDT ship simulator into a cutting-edge, dual-use Remote Operations Centre (ROC) facility, enabling the advancement of skills, course development, and operator training provision. This collaboration aims to improve not only simulator-based training but also the safety and operational effectiveness of live remote and uncrewed operations.

The renewable solar energy-powered docking stations will enhance maritime operations by eliminating the need for manual vessel handling and significantly reducing carbon emissions, thereby increasing persistence and availability.

Students will be able to replay real-life incidents and work through different ‘what if’ scenarios before moving on to operating a real USV remotely.

The ROC + DOCK project is not just about technological advancement but also about fostering economic growth and sustainability in the greater Southwest. The initiative promises to create new job opportunities and technological development, positioning the area as a hub of maritime excellence.

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