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Having acquired ASV Global in 2018, L3Harris is redefining the way the world works at sea with the industry’s most advanced Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) technology.

Based on the UK’s south coast, the team of over 100 people has specialist expertise and experience in autonomous control system development, vessel design, build and commissioning, operation and maintenance.

ASVs have the power to completely transform survey operations; offering safer and more efficient solutions to tasks where humans are not needed in the field. L3Harris has a range of ASVs that have been specifically developed for hydrographic survey in ports and harbours, coastal and offshore waters.

The company has produced more than 100 ASVs ranging from 2-13m in size. Unmanned and autonomous operation is executed via the company’s proprietary control system, ASView.

L3Harris Technologies is an agile global technology innovator, providing advanced defence and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris is accelerating innovation and providing affordable solutions to fast forward to tomorrow. Headquartered in Florida, USA the company has 50,000 employees worldwide.

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Kongsberg Maritime

We are a global marine technology company providing innovative and reliable technology solutions for all marine industry sectors.


Kongsberg Maritime is a leader in marine robotics for a variety of applications. We have developed unique robotic solutions to monitor and survey underwater infrastructure, using advanced hydroacoustic and chemical sensors connected to sophisticated data networks and visualisation tools.

With more than 25 years’ experience in developing world class solutions for defence, commercial and scientific missions, we provide Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) and articulated robots for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR).


Our products include echo sounders and sonars, both multibeam and single beam, with post-processing software for analysis. We are a principal manufacturer of scientific echo sounders and instruments for the ocean science world.


Blue Insight provides an open, modular platform for the processing, visualisation and sharing of ocean data. Additional modules can be added to tailor Blue Insight’s functionality to suit all projects, however large or small.

  • Motion Reference Units (MRU)
  • Seapath position, attitude, time & heading sensors
  • MGC Series, Gyro compass and INS, includes three Ring Laser Gyros
  • Maritime Broadband Radios (MBR)
Kongsberg Maritime

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Clinton Marine

Clinton Marine Survey was founded in 2015 with the ambition and purpose of bringing cost-effective solutions to the offshore survey industry. We offer high-quality hydrographic and geophysical surveys for navigation, dredging operations, charting, marine construction and more. We are today over 60 dedicated employees offering customized solutions for project specific requirements and client needs.

We love what we do and always make sure to complete our assignments with a passion for the ocean and respect for the sea. Our ambition is to continuously minimize the carbon footprint of our operations while maintaining a high quality of our deliveries. We want to be chosen by our clients based on our commitment and we aim to deliver state-of-the-art solutions which are custom-made based on the requirements of each individual assignment.

For us, the personnel are in focus since we are convinced that the people are the core of this company. We challenge ourselves and succeed together as we continue to push the boundaries as a team. We believe that with health comes results and that ongoing development is the key to success. Another reason for why we succeed is that we have a competent team with diverse knowledge and expertise who are involved throughout the entire project. This is unique and makes us stand out in the industry.

We hope you want to come onboard and join our journey as we continue to drive the offshore survey industry forward.

Clinton Marine

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Unmanned Survey Solutions Ltd

Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) designs, builds and operates Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).

At the heart of USS is a desire to make surveying easier, safer and cheaper compared to manned vessel solutions. Our designs are spawned from in-depth knowledge and experience of using sonars and other sensors for survey operations. We incorporate ease of installation, calibration and operation of the payload equipment. Safety of operation and robustness when working in the marine environmental all form key aspects in how we create reliable products and solutions which we offer to the international market for hire or purchase.

The USS Inception Class MK II is a modular, versatile and robust inland waters USV, composed of tough aluminium hulls, weed cutting propellers and a modular payload pod system for fitting a variety of sonar and environmental sensing equipment. The payload pod can be fitted with a variety of sensors.

The USS Accession USV is a unique solution offering one vessel design at three different vessel lengths. Specifically designed to meet the challenges of surveying in the nearshore and offshore environments this vessel has a base design length of 3.50m with optional additional hull sections to create 4.25m and 5.00m variants.

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XOCEAN’s mission is to transform ocean data collection, supporting the sustainable and economic growth of our most precious resource – our oceans.

Operating a fleet of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs), XOCEAN provides turnkey data collection services to surveyors, companies and agencies. From mapping the seabed to environmental monitoring, XOCEAN’s platform offers a safe and economic solution to collecting ocean data.

Benefits of the XOCEAN approach include:

  • Safety: No personnel offshore.
  • Environment: Fully carbon neutral.
  • Quality: Exceptional data quality backed by quality guarantee.
  • Economics: Fully inclusive fixed, lump sum pricing.

In the past 12 months, XOCEAN has grown rapidly, having delivered over 50 missions across Europe, North America, and Asia, including 26 Offshore Wind surveys for existing and new clients.

XOCEAN has produced more than 16 USVs since launching in 2017 with plans for doubling the size of the fleet to in 2022. The company’s USVs offer full uncrewed Over The Horizon operations using satellite communications. XOCEAN’s CyberDeck provides a highly secure cloud-based environment to monitor and control each USV.

Headquartered in Co. Louth, Ireland and now with two regional offices in Canada & Norway, XOCEAN has over 120 employees worldwide, with plans for expanding the team by a further 100 in the first half of 2022 to meet growing market demand for XOCEAN’s services.

For further information please visit or contact us at

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NORBIT is a global supplier of tailored technology solutions to carefully selected niches. The Company has some 250 employees and is headquartered in Trondheim Norway with offices and subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, UK, Iceland, Singapore, Brazil and US. NORBIT has in-house integrated manufacturing facilities located in Selbu, Røros and Trondheim, Norway.

The company’s key target markets include the global maritime markets, where its core offering includes sonar solutions based on proprietary technology. The WideBand Multibeam System (WBMS) is a leading multibeam survey solution including models with built in INS capability and also iLiDAR terrestrial scanners. All NORBIT Subsea solutions are all supported by a global professional team of surveyors and engineers offering installation; training and commissioning services.

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Marico Marine

Marico Marine is a leading international maritime consultancy working across the ports, shipping and offshore energy sectors worldwide, with expertise across all aspects of maritime and port management, safety and regulation. Marico is one of the UK’s leading commercial providers of hydrographic risk assessment, including hydrographic survey prioritisation, procurement and management. Additionally, they offer broad spectrum hydrographic consultancy services delivered by their in-house team of award-winning expert hydrographers.

Marico routinely offers its clients a unique blend of maritime experience and scientific expertise, supported by their hydrographers, marine technologists, data analysts, GIS develop­ers, oil & gas specialists, harbour masters, master mariners and marine surveyors ensuring that quantitative analyses are fully supported by qualitative mariner experience.

Marico’s clients include government agencies, hydrographic offices, flag states, ship owners, charterers, P&I clubs, harbour authorities and leaders in the offshore energy industry to which Marico provides consultancy services, including marine and navigation risk assessment, marine accident investigation, port consultancy and marine risk management.

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Teledyne Geospatial