The transformation to remote operations in well underway with major developments in platforms, sensors, and software. The transformation is changing the data collection game through gains in efficiency sustainability and scalability. How we pair that with new data workflows has the possibility to open doors in the types of problems we can solve for the end users of the survey products.

One such problem is how to provide the most up to date information possible to mariners who have the daily challenge of navigating in highly dynamic waterways. The challenge brings together several requirements which are well positioned for remote survey, automation, and cloud technologies. These include increasing frequency of re-survey while still maintaining assurance that high quality data is collected, minimizing product turnaround time, and efficient
distribution to mariners.

Kongsberg Discovery is recognized for manufacturing world-class hydroacoustic systems that seamlessly integrate with their positioning and telecommunication systems, serving as a comprehensive tool for conducting remote bathymetric surveys. In this context, the Kongsberg MBR 144 Marine Broadband Radio telecommunication system is employed, utilizing radiofrequency for encrypted information transmission, to facilitate communication between the remote operating location and the vessel. The vessel is equipped with a shallow water multibeam system, Kongsberg EM2040P, integrated with the Kongsberg Seapath 130 positioning and movement system featuring MRU5+. This communication bridge enables the remote operation of bathymetric surveys using the SIS Remote acquisition software. This software facilitates command transmission and data visualization with minimal bandwidth consumption.

Teledyne CARIS products have developed over time with focus on the ‘Ping to Chart’ mentality. Taking data collected from a sonar ping and processing it through to final products. The CARIS software stack and workflows have evolved to a ‘Sensor to Cloud’ mentality by leveraging automation, AI, edge processing and cloud technology. CARIS Onboard provides a fully automated processing service which runs directly on the survey platform, and the CARIS Bathy Data Service (BDS) provides a cloud hosted service for sharing various nautical products, including S-102 gridded bathymetry.

This presentation will review a case study of a project in Buenos Aires, Argentina that brought together Kongsberg’s MBR communication system, a Kongsberg EM2040P Multibeam Echosounder operated with SIS Remote and CARIS’s edge processing and cloud distribution, to demonstrate a new workflow which allowed merchant ships to have access to updated gridded bathymetry moments after the survey had been completed.


Travis Hamilton

Teledyne Geospatial – Product Manager 

Travis Hamilton is part of the product management team at Teledyne Geospatial working as the marine survey solutions product manager. His focus is on marine laser scanners and software for processing sonar and laser datasets. Prior to working with Teledyne Travis received his geomatics engineering degree from UNB and spent several years at sea working with subsea and autonomous mapping systems for offshore energy and academic applications.

Leonardo Figueroa

Kongsberg Discovery – Team Leader Hydrographic & Acoustics LATAM 

Leonardo has over 10 years of experience in Marine Sciences. He holds a degree in Geological Engineering and a master’s in marine sciences and limnology. His work has involved projects such as characterizing and identifying underwater bubble emissions in the Gulf of California, utilizing bathymetric and water column data acquired through Kongsberg’s EM series deep-water multibeam systems, as well as sub-bottom profiler data acquired using the Topas system. 

In 2014, Leonardo began his journey at Kongsberg as a Service Engineer, engaging in numerous installation, maintenance, support, and training projects within the region.
Currently, he leads the Kongsberg Discovery Customer Support team for Latin America, comprised of an excellent group of professionals dedicated to customer assistance. 

Benjamin Barbier 

Product Manager – Hydrographic Data Solutions, Teledyne Geospatial 

 Benjamin Barbier is a passionate person when it comes to the maritime world. After leaving next to the sea for 20 years in Britany, France, Benjamin decided to study the deep blue of our planet at ENSTA Bretagne in Brest. After his graduation as a hydrographic engineer (master’s degree), he decided to move away from France and started a career at Teledyne CARIS in the Netherlands as a technical support staff. After several years providing support, consultancy and training to customer, Benjamin has taken over the product management of CARIS Bathymetric solution. Benjamin is always setting automation of workflows at the highest priority for CARIS users.