In 2021 Historic England commissioned MSDS Marine to produce the second edition of Marine Geophysics Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation first published in 2013.

This document describes geophysical surveying techniques that can reveal information about the historic environment as might be encountered on, within and beneath the seabed around England.

A new edition of this guidance is now necessary as the UK is in a very active phase of marine planning and development. To support these marine development projects up-to-date information is required about the use of marine geophysical survey techniques and methodologies, to reveal the presence of historic and archaeological sites and places.

The project team will produce a draft guidance document for consultation between 9th and 24th February 2024. Advance notice of the consultation period is being issued now to ensure that the wider sector knows it is coming and have capacity to respond.

By the end of March 2024, the new guidance will be completed and published and there will be a free online webinar to promote the guidance and to explain the content of the new edition.

Email to register your interest in taking part in the consultation.

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