THS:UKI Southern Branch June Meeting

Solent University Scaled Model Ship Handling Centre Visit

Wednesday 7th June 2023

Solent University’s ship handling centre at Timsbury Lake, near Romsey, provides world-renowned training for masters and senior officers on ships and large yachts, as well as specific training for pilots and berthing/mooring masters.

The centre is the only one of its kind in the UK and one of a very small number worldwide, and provides a safe and controlled environment for practicing and developing ship handling skills on a number of different vessels in a wide variety of conditions.

There are eleven 1:25 scaled ship models in the fleet, some of which can be reconfigured to represent several ship types. They include a large sixth-generation container vessel, tankers, very large crude carriers (VLCC), LNG carriers, bulk carriers, car carriers and a roll-on, roll-off ferry.

Each vessel is an accurately scaled model of a real ship and closely replicates the handling characteristics of an actual vessel, including single and twin screw propulsion. On-board logic systems ensure that engine output, delivery and response times, and rudder response times are correctly scaled. This also applies to bow thrusters and the windlass where fitted.

We plan to move to a local pub for refreshments afterwards – please indicate if you plan to join us.

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