IMCA, SUT, THS:UKI Scotland Branch: Joint Industry Event – The Energy Field of the Future

The Society for Underwater Technology, The Hydrographic Society in Scotland & The International Marine Contractors Association are pleased to announce our programme for our joint seminar.

The energy industry is currently experiencing a period of significant change, with ever increasing focus on sustainability, while marine and underwater technologies continue to advance.  With this scale of change ongoing, what does the field of the future look like, and how close are we to achieving ‘Net Zero’ targets? What transformative technologies and strategies will have the greatest impact to operational efficiency, value creation, and Net Zero operations? How do we accelerate the integration of these solutions within our existing offshore assets?

Members £149+VAT | Non Members £199+VAT |

Arrival and breakfast from 0830 GMT | Lunch from 1230 GMT

Tickets at EventBrite or SUT, IMCA & THS: 

IMCA, SUT, THS:UKI Joint Industry Event: The Energy Field of the Future Tickets, Thu 10 Nov 2022 at 08:30 | Eventbrite

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0900 – 0915 GMT Introduction and Keynote speaker: To Be Announced

0915 – 1030 GMT Visualisation:

Grant Thomson, Savante – 3DGP: Adding a New Dimension to Subsea

Gregor Deans, Future On –  Use of an Open Digital Data and 3D Visualisation Platform to Support the Design and Screening of Energy Mix and Net Zero Projects

Haaken Anhfelt , Oceaneering – Digitally Transforming Traditional Inspection and Maintenance Programs

1050 – 1230 GMT Robotics

Andre Rose, IMCA – Development of USV Technologies
Alan Anderson, Oceaneering – New Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Increases Operational Efficiencies for Subsea IMR
Andreas Fechs , STL – Automated and Autonomous Operations for Offshore Energy using Ship Based Robotics
Steven Cowie, Nauticus Robotics – Advanced and Autonomous Robotic Technologies

1330 – 1450 GMT Communication

Andrew Connelly, Imenco – Underwater Positioning, Communication and the Internet of Things
Mike Ellis, Sonardyne – Building an Intelligent Subsea Network to Build a Better Predictive Model
Kristi Terrasa, C Power Alba C – Power Vision for the Field of the Future

1520 1630 GMT Alternative Energy

Chris Golightly – BLACKBIRD: A Hybrid CAES Storage Anchored Mono TLP VAWT WEC
Joel Maisey, Murray Anderson
Crondall Energy – Next generation of facilities to reduce emissions and integrate with renewable generation and storage

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