EIVA’s new software variant NaviSuite Kuda Core provides advanced hydrographic survey software capabilities at an entry-level price. Tailored to support hydrographic surveys with a single USV or small survey vessel using multi-beam echosounder (including backscatter), LiDAR and/or camera, this software solution is…

  • simple to configure and run
  • affordable for entry-level survey professionals – priced at € 1.998 annually
  • … and provides advanced hydrographic survey features from NaviSuite Kuda software, for example enabling autonomous operations, as it is one of several variants of this software bundle

Software features for automated, efficient hydrographic surveys

Thanks to EIVA’s decades of experience developing and delivering hydrographic survey solutions, not only does the NaviSuite Kuda software yield high quality and deliverable 3D model results quickly, but users can improve the efficiency of their surveys with software tools for…

  • Remote operations, including autopilot route planning and onboard processing
  • Real-time optimisation of survey area coverage
  • Automatic data cleaning
  • Automatic data processing workflows
  • Patch test for multi-beam calibration
  • Easy registration and classification of observations

NaviSuite lets users scale up their software with their survey spread

In addition to the new entry-level variant, the list of bundle variants includes NaviSuite Kuda Pro, which supports more complex survey spreads at a reduced price, and + Processing variants, which provide advanced data processing tools. Since these variants are all part of one big NaviSuite family, users can upgrade between different variants if they scale up operations. Meaning it’s possible to go from a single vessel setup to a large network installation – without changing software.

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