In the 1980s the North Sea oil and gas industry was expanding rapidly. It was into this environment that Bruce Allen launched Exploration Electronics in May 1982, renting, servicing and maintaining seismic equipment to support oil and gas exploration.

Since then, the world has changed and so has Exploration Electronics, going from strength to strength supporting the offshore energy, engineering and survey industries worldwide. The hire fleet has grown and the company – now known as EEL – has transitioned to offer its services to the offshore renewable energy and engineering sectors, as well as repurposed its portable high-pressure compressors to serve factories and manufacturing.

Today EEL maintains a large bank of geotechnical, geophysical and seismic equipment. The business specialises in renting marine site investigation equipment and prides itself in providing its clients with the latest state of the art offerings. Demonstrating its commitment to initiative technologies, EEL recently purchased the first ROSON-ST Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) systems. These novel CPT systems do away with the large ridge rods of other units, instead replacing them with a string of small rods linked by knuckle joints that can be deployed from a reel. They will be able to push a probe 50 metres under the seabed and will be much safer, faster and easier to deploy.

“Going forwards, we will keep our eye out for new technologies that our customers are looking for and just carry on offering the same concept – innovative, high-quality equipment and personnel to operate it,” says Bruce Allen, Managing Director of EEL. “We think it is a good concept and see no reason we should change. Our future is to continue providing a good service with new technologies to help our loyal customers.”

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