ET Works have been in business for 30 years. We were born out of IT in oil and gas, and although in 2023 we now operate across multiple sectors and verticals, we still retain that core focus on energy, geoscience, data acquisition and processing in the offshore & hydrographic space, helping our clients
deliver successful projects.

In our presentation we will endeavor to look at the history of IT challenges and constraints seen over time in the hydrographic sector, together with what we’ve observed as the trends, opportunities and innovations for the coming future.

Adopting the SPINS approach (Situation, Problem, Implication, Needs, Solution) we’ll discuss the ever-growing need for increased on-board and onshore compute, the complexities of data storage & information movement (remote to base) and how this is married to increased sensor types and ever greater data resolution. We’ll review the challenges and rise of smaller footprint ASV and AUV vessel types and look at how an IT ecosystem might be designed to cope with these challenges, incorporating a VDI and Cloud-first strategy for better collaboration, maximizing of AI and ML workflows, and why this can help leverage enhanced business decisions.

Key to scientific success in the offshore data arena is how we manage our workflows, enhance speed to data and increase flexibility across the operations – I.T. is simply an enabler to do work.

It is, however, the backbone to any operation, and we will conclude with next-generation data technologies for the offshore – highlighting small self-healing and ruggedized servers, hyper-convergence and hot-swappable storage plus options to enable remote access & visualization; looking at how data can be stored and managed across the information lifecycle, from requirements and data governance around in-house processing and use, through to supply to clients, governments, institutions and stakeholders.

Darren Briggs

Darren Biggs is Geoscience Services Manager for ET Works.

He has 30 years’ experience as an energy professional, focusing on IT and Data Management within the E&P and Offshore Wind sectors – he has a
key interest in data management and in leveraging existing and new technology to better empower users and stakeholders in the oceanographic and subsurface arenas.


Jon Moore

Jon Moore is a Technical Account Manager for ET Works.

He has 35 years’ experience as an infrastructure and technology professional in both the public and private sector, focusing on technology and its delivery in both operational and technical roles. – he has a key interest in Edge Computing, Cloud and Next Gen Datacentre technologies.