Field Technician

EEL’s field technicians work around the world on geotechnical and geophysical
projects and are a key part of our team.

Field technicians are responsible for keeping our equipment in full working
condition on the site that they are assigned to. This includes ensuring parts pass
the manufacture’s daily tests and EEL’s routine tests.

Field technicians are also responsible for mobilising, demobilising, and operating
our geophysical and geotechnical equipment. This includes, but is not limited to,
recorders, hydrophone arrays, positioning and levelling systems, cone penetration
test (CPT) systems, and vibrocorers and box corers.

When not in the field, technicians are based at our headquarters in Beccles, Suffolk.
Here they support our technical services manager, maintaining, servicing and
preparing equipment for projects.

More detailed duties and job requirements

• Ensuring that during mobilisation all equipment is installed with due regard
for air circulation, vibration isolation and sea fastening, prior to final testing
and sailing
• Adhering to all statutory legislation and company policies pertaining to
health and safety, including the wearing of personal protective equipment
• Keeping the working area in a clean and safe condition
• Reviewing certifications on winches, lifting and electronic equipment for
compliance with statutory legislation and company procedures
• Assisting with winch operations and loading and unloading of equipment
• Participating in toolbox talks, emergency drills and safety meetings
• Completing risk assessments for equipment deployment, testing, operation
and recovery
• completing equipment pre-use checklists and observer logs

Field technicians may also be responsible for the following

• Submission of risk assessments for approval
• Completion and submission of project reviews for approval
• Submission of equipment pre-use checklists, observer logs and time sheets

Field technicians may be required to fulfil other duties reasonably considered within
their capability, but not usually considered part of their job.

As frequent travellers, field technicians are expected to ensure that all passports
are valid for at least one year and have four empty pages.

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Field Technician




Field Technician


Beccles, Suffolk

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