Through GSI and the Marine Institute’s joint programme; Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource (INFOMAR), Ireland’s seabed is being meticulously mapped to enhance navigation safety and identify suitable locations for wave, wind, and tidal energy installations.

INFOMAR aims to complete Ireland’s seabed mapping within two years, by 2026.. This comprehensive effort will make Ireland the first country in the world to achieve such detailed mapping, providing crucial data for coastal and inshore developments.

The data gathered will also facilitate the selection of cable and pipeline routes, improve fishing efficiency, and aid in pre-drilling site evaluations for oil and gas exploration. Furthermore, it will support local tourism by providing information on shipwrecks, detailed 3D maps, story maps, and charts for coastal areas around Ireland.

INFOMAR is set to provide an update on this ground-breaking sea mapping project at the Geopark Academy 2024, a two-day conference organized by the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark. The conference will be held at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan on 25-26 May.

For more information on INFOMAR, please visit: INFOMAR



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